Spicy Mince Pizza Base

Spicy Mince Pizza Base

Supplied by Dee

Spicy Mince Pizza Base topped with pepperoni, tomato slices and mozzarella cheese. (Get creative and add your choices just remember to count your carbs) ..

Side salad of baby spinach leaves with vinegar dressing

400gm lean mince,

1 egg,

salt and pepper,

crushed garlic

grated onion

 I added Mexican spice for a bit of zing !!

Tbsp of olive oil

pinch of oregano




Mozzarella cheese

Mix all ingredients well. Put in fridge for half an hour or even better do it from night before and let flavours blend overnight..  

Cook the mince base first for about 15-20 mins depending on oven.. pat it out to a nice thin layer before you put in the oven..it will shrink some.. then take it out add your toppings, pepperoni, tomato and mozzerella cheese (or add your own toppings)..back in for another 15 mins or so..and Perfect !!!! Served with spinach.