Greens Galore

Greens Galore

By Jillinda


This is a great way to get the vitamins and fibre you need while keeping the carbs down.

This will make 8 serves as a side for work lunches (add some roast chicken & parmesan), 6 serves for breakfast (add bacon, egg, avo etc) or 4 serves for main meal (add a piece of grilled fish or chicken breast etc).  If you can chop stuff up, you can make this J



Olive Oil, 1tbsp = 0g Carb

Brown Onion, 70g (1 medium) – diced = 6g Carb

Garlic Cloves, 15g (3 decent cloves) – crushed / finely chopped = 5g Carb

Kale, half bunch (4 cups) – chopped roughly = 20g Carb

Brussel Sprouts, 100g (6 medium) – chopped into 8ths = 9g Carb

Zucchini, 180g (1 medium) – quartered length ways & diced = 6g Carb

Chinese Broccoli, 170g (1 bunch) – roughly chopped = 6g Carb

Fresh Lemon Squeezed Juice, 2 tbs = 2g Carb

Campbell’s Real Stock Chicken, 250ml (1 cup) = 3g Carb

Cracked Black Pepper, 5g (1tsp) = 0g Carb

Salt (I use Herbamare), 5g (1tsp) = 0g Carb

TOTAL Carbs for Recipe = 57g

Carbs per Serve – 8 serves = 7.21g / 6 serves = 8.8g / 4 serves = 13.25g



  1. Heat oil & add garlic & onion & sauté for 2-3 minutes until it smells great.
  2. Add zucchini, Brussel sprouts Salt, Pepper & Lemon Juice & cook stirring for 4-5 minutes until veg has softened a bit & is getting a nice brown caramelised look.
  3. Add Chinese Broccoli, Kale & chicken stock (don’t panic, looks like heaps but will quickly cook down) to the mix and cook stirring for 4-5 minutes until the liquid has reduced by half.
  4. Serve as is or with any good choices of low carb accompaniment – I added a piece of pan fried Nile Perch – holy snappers it was good!


Serving Suggestions…add

For a work lunch (1/8 serve) – team with Tomato Breakfast Salsa & Coconut Kangaroo Savoury Mince

For a breakfast (1/6 serve) – pop on a Poached Egg & Bacon

For a dinner (1/4 serve) – lay some pan fried chicken thighs on top



You know what you like so feel free to mix it up.  Take out the Chinese Broccoli?  Add squash?  – Go for it!  I was using up what I had on hand & I recommend you do the same.  Just try to keep track of any addition or subtraction of Carbs through what you add or take away from the recipe.

This kind of thing is ideal if you have to cook separately for you & family members as you can freeze it J  I use zip lock bags for smaller portions or take away containers if it’s for two or more serves.

A squeeze of fresh lemon juice over the top before serving is also delicious.

*Herbamare is a vegetable based salt - available at standard supermarkets and health food stores.  You may have to search but worth it when you find it.