A day the XLR8 WAY!

A day the XLR8 WAY!

Now that you've had a good chance to look at how XLR8 works. I bet you're wondering what an average day on XLR8 looks like and will it fit into your lifestyle.

Three things you need to do every day:

1) Take your three XLR8 Products
2) Stay under 20 grams of carbs 
3) Drink plenty of water



Here is a quick look at a day with XLR8:

Replace one meal a day normally breakfast.

XLR8 BURN Protein Shake

Simply replace one meal a day with XLR8 BURN Protein Shake.  Many people choose to replace Breakfast

Just mix one scoop of XLR8 BURN with 250ml of Water, Unsweetened Almond Milk or Coconut Milk.

XLR8 BLOCK - Twice a day

XLR8 BLOCK is in an easy to take and digest supplement that you consume before lunch and dinner to help kerb cravings. Blocks unique Raspberry Ketone blend helps your body break down fat more efficiently and help increase your metabolism. It provides 100% natural and safe way to help you lose weight quickly and easily.

XLR8 BUILD - Once a day

BUILD is an all-natural formulation of an amino complex blend containing nine essential amino acids (EAAS). EAAS cannot be produced by the body and must be supplied from dietary sources. BUILD also burns body fat and supports a healthy metabolism. Mix 1 scoop of BUILD with 300ml - 1 Litre of cold water and drink throughout the day.


What to eat

Enjoy two meals a day that are low in carbs, check out MYXLR8 App for recipes this will help you with some great meal ideas If you feel like snacking choose a protein, low or free carbs foods or even choose protein bars from the supermarket that are low in carbs no more than 3 grams per bar.

That’s it simple and easy to follow. Just remember:

Take your XLR8 Products every day

Read every label when buying food or google how many carbs in…….

Ask yourself before you eat anything “How many carbs are in this?”