Are You Trying to Scam Your Diet?

Now, be honest with yourself, do you forget to stick to your diet? What about absentmindedly ordering that large Big Mac meal at McDonald's last Monday? You know, the Monday you were going to start your diet - again? Maybe you're the type that figures once the diet has gone to hell, you may as well wait until tomorrow, next week or even next month?

What if you just needed a gentle reminder when you first wake up while your brain is still foggy? Try these two simple tricks: Run a piece of masking tape across your bedroom doorway - something you run smack into first thing in the morning. Nothing like being caught in a spider web to enhance the memory! Now run another piece across the bathroom mirror where you do your teeth or apply makeup - another instant reminder.

The last reminder trick is just a plain old mind game. Hide everything! Trying to break the high-calorie coffee habit? No need to hide the coffee maker, you don't have to even give up coffee. Just try it with almond milk and hide the sugar.

Wanting to give up McDonald's to help you on your diet? You don’t have to! Just order a burger without the bun, avoid the chips and soft drink and maybe throw in a piece of grilled chicken on its own. McDonald's will oblige to removing the bun and getting chicken on its own. Then again, the temptation may be too much to resist, you need to have the willpower and right mindset. At the end of the day, you need to ask yourself: how badly do I want to be thin?

Could it be that you are afraid? Scared that you will fail again? You feel nervous that it will be too hard or complicated? Cautious of not understanding all the rules for the newest diet you’re trying?

Clearly, you’ve been trying the wrong ones! Why not give the XLR8 Weight Loss a try?

XLR8 is so simple you could write it on the back of your hand. Complicated? Not even. The purpose of XLR8 Weight loss is to be very simple – with fast weight loss and no messing around. One meal replacement, two craving block tablets and one muscle building amino drink every day (whilst also following a low-carb diet that XLR8 provides).

Our mental attitude and mindset is everything when it comes to mastering weight loss. If you’re not committed consciously, then your subconscious is going to play every trick in the book on you - and win. Don’t let that happen. Be the boss. Outsmart yourself!

Oh, and next time you’re going to forget to pass on that large Big Mac meal, remember it has 141 grams of carbs!  You only get 20 grams of carbs a day, so that Big Mac meal is just over a week's worth of carbs... is it really worth it?