Can I have a cheat day on my weight loss journey?

What you really mean is can I still once a week eat whatever I want.......the answer is simply NO!

What are you telling yourself?

That it is ok to cheat.  I don't really want to change, I not 100% committed.  Its only one day what can it hurt.......the list goes on.


What does a cheat day do?

Cheating nearly always leads to immediate weight gain. Carbs put your body back in fat-storing mode not glucose burning, So as soon has you have a loaded carb day your body switches back to fat storing instead of fat burning. 

Carbs can make you hungry.

You know this if you have given them up for any meaningful period of time. Cheating means inviting hunger and cravings back into your life.

How good are you going to feel having a cheat day?

It will make you feel terrible, doesn't even saying the word "CHEAT" make you feel negative anyway. Like you are doing something wrong.....

After you have had your cheat day or cheat meal - you probably won't feel good about yourself and actually feel quite bad for eating it as you have been doing so well.  Why would you want to make yourself feel like that and let the old negative thoughts enter your mind.

So why would you have a cheat day?

Remember XLR8 is a life style change and a new way of life - that means changing and wanting to change and not going back to your old ways.  Ask yourself am I ready to get off the roller coaster of dieting?  If your answer is YES then you don't need a cheat day!