Can you believe it is May already?

Can you believe it is May already?   That means it nearly 18 weeks have already gone by this year and only about 34 weeks till 2017 Christmas.....

Time really does go faster as you get older.

But a new month means it is a time to reflect on the previous month and also look back to the start of the year.

Are you achieving what you set out to achieve.  What can you do differently this month.

It may surprise you to hear that it is the next 3 months of the year that tend to shape your entire experience of 2017. The party and holiday seasons are long gone, just about all our public holidays are over and it is time to get into the serious side of the year.

This may mean working on a long term goal; training for an event or getting started on a project that has been bugging you for some time. It is also a good time to really focus if you have been working on weight loss for a while. If you look at this time of year as an opportunity to do more and work towards your best self, you will get to Spring healthy, happy and motivated.

Do you know it is only about 18 weeks till Spring and this is the time many people think about losing weight as summer is approaching.

Don't wait till Spring to start to do something, start today and use this time to really kick 2017 into gear.

Remember to check out the awesome recipes for using your slow cooker, soups and how to make sure you keep your water up in the winter months!

Have an amazing May Riders and look forward to seeing you at the end!