Cleaning out your clothes

Throughout my weight loss journey, I have made myself donate "my fat" clothes as I refer to them.  Every time I dropped a size I removed most of the clothes in my wardrobe that were that size.

My last clean out was when I went to USA in August last year (been a little busy thanks to XLR8). This trip was a new shopping adventure for me as I went and purchased nearly a new wardrobe full of clothes, so much fun and can't wait till I get to do it again.  I had my fashion expert Shannon with me, so we are planning our next shopping adventure. These are the times you know your life has changed so much.


In USA shopping with Shannon in August and now today!  

You can see why I need to remove some clothes from my wardrobe.

It is hard sometimes as clothes sizing does vary from store to store.  I am currently comfortable in a size 12 but I do have a few size 14's in my cupboard due to the small sizing of the retailer.  Today I said goodbye to all the XL, L, size 16 and I even found a size 18 pants in there.   Some clothes from USA had to go as they are just too big for me now.  

It gives me so much satisfaction to donate the clothes to the local charity store.  As I placed them in the charity bin I said goodbye to them and told them "you are never welcomed back into my wardrobe".

Was it hard?

The first time I did it, it was hard as these were my comfort clothes, the clothes I had used to hide away in.  Big, baggy and black (I'm still a black clothes girl, but there is some colour in the wardrobe now).  What happened if I put the weight back on I would have nothing to wear, but I knew removing these clothes meant I was never going back to that size.

Most women have a range of sizes in their wardrobes, I have spoken to so many people and they have generally these three catergories in their wardrobes: ( I was one of these as well)

  • Clothes that fit now
  • Clothes that I once fitted into and will fit back into one day
  • Clothes if I gain weight

I changed my thought process around this and now I only have clothes in these categories:

  • Clothes that fit me
  • One item that I want to fit into

As you lose between 5 - 8 kilos you will drop a dress size, so my advice is CLEAN OUT THE CLOTHES.  Why would you want to have them in your cupboard, just keep one as a reminder of what you used to wear.   

Plus how much fun is it to go shopping for new clothes a size down.

It is so empowering to donate clothes that are too big now and don't be scared once you have it in your mindset that you will never be that size again, you won't.

Don't let the clothes weigh you down so to speak, clean them out and make room for the new you!