First 3 days on XLR8

Congratulations firstly on making the decision to get off the roller coaster of dieting.

When you make the decision to completely change your way of living then the first few days are going to be the hardest and it will test you to ensure you are really determined to make this change.  You must remember you have probably been following what you currently doing for years so, as soon as you make a change to this there can be some effects on your body and you need to be aware of what they may be.

The symptoms only last a day or so and by day four most people say they feel awesome and feel energised so, you just need to know the first few days you may experience some of these.   Some people experience it later in the week.

Just a thought!  If this is what happens to your body when you restrict carbs, imagine what is happening to your body all the time you are consuming carbs.........

Your body is simply adjusting to XLR8 and changing what food you have been consuming.

Some common feeling is:



Feeling tired, lethargic and unmotivated.


Overall not feeling well



Constipation (add some phylum husk into your XLR8 BURN)

XLR8 Products help you quickly get through this stage especially XLR8 BUILD Amino Acid drink.  This drink will help you feel overall better so make sure you don't miss a day taking your XLR8.  

Four essential aminos that are found in XLR8 BUILD that will help you through the first 3 days and going forward.