Foods that claim high in protein or low in carbs?

I see so many advertisements and food products that promote "high in protein" which you think straight away it must be a good choice and it will probably be low in carbs.

With every product on the market a little bit of research is needed and it takes about 2 seconds to see how high in protein they are and how many carbs are in them.

They may be high in protein but generally they do have a lot of carbs.  I am talking about processed food here as you don't see steak being advertised as high in protein in the meat section.

Also you need to be aware of foods that claim "low in carbs" what is "low in carbs" actually mean to them.  

With every product you just need to be aware of the brilliant marketing these companies do to attract us to purchase their items and before you put it in your shopping trolley read the label and see exactly how many carbs are actually in each serve.

I have seen a breakfast bars stating high in protein but has 21 grams of carbs per bar.  I have also seen frozen meals that claim low in carbs but actually have 50 grams of carbs.

Also many weight loss companies are selling low carb bars or protein shakes that are not low in carbs, it is very important to read the label before you purchase these as some of them have as many carbs as a normal chocolate bar or cookie.

Just because something claims it is high in protein or low in carbs make sure you do your research and ask yourself is this going to put me over my 20 grams of carbs today.

I prefer to cook everything from scratch now and won't be brought into cheap marketing tatics that try and convince me that I am buying a healthy option when I am not.  I have done that for too long and now I am completely aware of exactly what is in these foods and I stay well away from them.

Use MY XLR8 app to research every food item before buying or eating.  Once you read you will soon release what is high in protein and how many carbs are in each item.

This Bread claims "lower carb" it still has 20 grams of carbs for two slices compared to wholemeal bread at approx 24 grams for two slices.  So yes technically it is lower carb than wholemeal bread but only just.