How a healthy diet affects your skin

The human body requires specific foods in order to thrive, grow and function properly. With the right amount of food, people can get the necessary calories that are turned into energy. We get calories from fats, proteins, and carbohydrates. In addition, the body needs nutrients in order to create cells, use energy, repair tissues and cells, build bones and muscles, support joints and do other things. Minerals and vitamins are some of the basic nutrients that out body needs.

Lack of any of these nutrients and compounds that help the body get energy can lead to many different health issues. Malnutrition and poor diet can definitely affect our skin too. On the other hand, having a healthy skin is more than important. The biggest organ in the human body makes people confident and enhances their appearance. That’s why, many women and men, use commercial skin care products to improve their skin health. However, these products provide short-term solutions. In other words, they are targeting the symptoms, but not the causes. The fact is that a healthy diet is the only way to improve the skin of your health from the inside and in the long run.

Why a healthy diet matters?

A healthy diet is important because numerous studies have shown that certain foods that people consume lead to the creation of elements that are dangerous and unhealthy for the skin. It makes the body secrete compounds and substances that clog the pores and eventually lead to skin dryness. The final result is the occurrence of a wide range of skin problems. Needless to say, if this problem persists for a longer period of time, the problems will spread all over the body.

Following a healthy diet can help people get all the necessary nutrients and other compounds that can improve the quality of the skin. With the right foods, you can witness rejuvenation of the skin, elimination of dryness and better elasticity and flexibility. Some of these foods are able to slow down the natural process of aging. Other foods are here to rejuvenate the skin by repairing or supporting the creation of new skin cells. So, a healthy diet acts in many different ways when it comes to skin care and skin health. It all depends on the specific type of food we use. In order to understand how a healthy diet affects your skin, we will highlight a few skin-friendly foods and explain the way in which they act.

Salmon – Here’s another example of food that is good for the skin. By eating salmon once or twice a week, you will significantly improve the glow and overall structure of your skin. This fish, just like all species of fish, is rich in omega-3 fatty acids. This means that you will get a chance to prevent skin inflammation and stay safe from skin damage. Omega-3 fatty acid is also able to prevent free radicals from entering skin cells.

Berries – It turns out that berries are not only sweet and tasty treats, but they can also improve the health of human skin. Every blue and black berry and even grapes contain phytochemicals. These natural compounds are strong antioxidants. They can protect us from the negative effects of free radicals. In this way, you can preserve the firmness of the skin and enjoy the results of anti-aging activity of phytochemicals.

Green tea – the world-renowned tea is a great addition to any diet. A healthy diet should include regular consumption of green tea because this tea has proven to be an efficient antioxidant. When it comes to healthy skin, green tea is able to reduce inflammation of the skin and keep the skin cells safe. This tasty tea can lower the damaging effects of UV rays too. Even the deteriorating, damaged skin cells can become healthy again thanks to green tea.

Avocado – A healthy diet must include different fruits, but when it comes to skin health it’s better to use more avocados. Namely, avocado contains large amounts of vitamin E. Several studies have shown that vitamin E stimulates the body’s efforts to combat skin aging and it also moisturizes the skin in a completely natural way.

Water – Finally, if you want to protect your skin and improve its quality, you must drink more water. Drink at least eight glasses of water a day.

XLR8 THREE - one of the essential amino acids methionine is found in XLR8 THREE which helps with your skin. Creatine supports skin functions and stimulates collagen production. Creatine plays an important role for healthy skin. It is produced from the amino acids arginine(conditionally essential amino acid) and methionine, which are in turn a part of carnitine.

Practicing a healthy diet is one of the best ways to reenergize your body, extend your life expectancy and of course – improve your skin. Introducing changes in your diet is not a difficult thing because there are many tasty healthy foods.

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