How expensive is XLR8?

One of the first questions I always get asked is "How expensive is XLR8 and the food going to be? I have heard 'healthier' foods are more expensive"

Let’s look at XLR8 first:

The Monthly XLR8 pack is only $94.95 which works outs to be about $23.73 per week or $3.39 a day. (less than a cappuccino)!
When we started XLR8 it was our mission to ensure XLR8 was affordable for everyone to purchase.  We also brought in afterpay so that you can pay off XLR8 over 4 fortnightly repayments which is $23.73 per fortnight for four repayments.
It is important to be realistic with how much you spend already on food. Add up all the snacks, takeaways, coffees, drinks, cafes, chocolate bars etc. You can’t say something is more expensive if you aren’t realistic about what you are spending each week already. Include ALL foods and drinks.  Those soft drinks at $4.00 a can add up.
With XLR8 we will help you block cravings so your want or need for food will drop significantly and this will have a huge impact on your wallet.
How much does the food cost me?
Many people think when they hear about a starting a new lifestyle it is going to cost a fortune to buy the food.
Some low-carb foods are expensive and many people believe low-carb must be expensive. But that’s not true. You don’t need expensive ingredients. You can eat totally delicious and healthy low-carb meals that are super cheap.
Many people when they are working out their weekly grocery bill don't consider snacks, coffees, drinks, meals, vending machines, shared morning teas, or that chocolate bar they brought at work.  
You will find most recipes when doing XLR8 require less ingredients than a 'normal' recipe
Look at these two biscuits
Low Carb Biscuits

200 grams of almond flour
1/2 a pack butter melted
1/3 cup of Stevia sugar

add some lemon if desired

Mix all into melted butter
Put into rectangle and wrap glad wrap around
Place in freezer 15 mins
Take out cut into little pieces 
Cook in over 180 for about 10 min or until a little brown 
Let rest for about 10 mins until hard

Normal Biscuit Recipe

100g butter, softenen
100g caster sugar
1 lemon (juiced), grated
1 egg, beaten
340g plain flour
1 tsp baking powder
1 tbsp milk
icing sugar (for dusting)

As you can see you need more ingredients to make 'normal' biscuits.

How much does it really cost, lets look at a typical day for me before XLR8 and after I started XLR8


 Standard Foods XLR8

2 Toast Jam Margarine


XLR8 ONE Meal Replacement Shake with unsweetened almond milk

$1.23 plus $1.10 = $2.33

Museli Bar $1.21


2 Low Carb Biscuits $0.90

Salad Sandwich purchased with can of soft drink  $12.00

Home made salad with chicken brought from home  $2.76

Apple $1.06

Steak,asparagus, zucchini, broccoli $5.80

Steak, mashed potato, beans, carrots, pasta packet $7.50

Bowl of Sugar free Jelly $1.04

Bowl of icecream $1.75

XLR8 TWO $1.06

XLR8 THREE $1.29


TOTAL $24.42


TOTAL $15.18

 Prices sourced by COLES 03/03/2017

That is a huge $9.24 savings per day and some days I don't eat all that is listed above in the XLR8 section.  The other thing the shocked me when I did this was $24.42 added up to over $170 dollars a week compared to $106 with XLR8.  No wonder I could not get out of the supermarket every week under $250.00 in the past.  Now as I choose unprocessed foods and stay out of the middle aisles in supermarkets.  I don't spend anywhere near what I used too.  

I know personally now that I have been doing XLR8 for a while, I save money as I don't spend money buying takeaway foods, I remember stopping at the local takeaway store and buying two dim sims just for the drive home (which was less than 2 kms away), I never gave it a thought to how much I was spending on these types of purchases that were happening daily.

Have a think what the cost would be if you purchased takeaway or more than one soft drink or coffee a day.

Ways to save money.

Buy products in season

Don't purchase protein bars or buy in bulk when on sale

If vegetables are expensive purchase from the frozen section.  

Watch salads in a bag these can be expensive

Buy a whole chicken and cut it up

Look for items on sale

Add variety to your weekly shop

Don't buy processed 'low carb' food

Watch the price when buying low carb 'bread, muffin or pancake' mixtures

Make recipes from scratch

Use your leftovers from the night before

When using, the oven make a batch of low carb biscuits

Plan your week ahead with meal plans and budget 

Compare prices in the supermarket 

Start your own vegetable garden

Make your lunch and take to work

Make your own sauces

Share your recipes, anything you see on sale with other riders

By planning ahead, making sure you know what your budget is, cooking at home and eating smarter, you can make low carb cheaper!  Not only have you reduced the amount of money you spend on take away foods and packaged processed food, you are looking after your waistline, your wallet and making better informed choices when it comes to food.

So, NO XLR8 is not expensive!