How many carbs?

How many carbs was I really having a day??????? No wonder I could never lose weight and keep it off.

I would not have had a clue....

I always thought I was eating pretty healthy.  I was exercising and eating what I would think was reasonably healthy,  I thought if I exercised it would burn off the excess calories I was having -  but I could not lose any weight.

That was until we created XLR8 and designed our program to burn fat, block any sugar cravings and build muscle and to reduce my food intake to only 20 grams of carbs a day.

So now that I have been on this journey for a while now I thought it would be interesting to look at how many carbs I was eating prior to starting XLR8.

This was a typical good day for me:  (I will post a bad day at the end)


2 cups of Special K and Skim Milk                              

Carbs    58.3 grams


Chicken and Salad Roll

Carbs 42 grams

Afternoon Tea

Muesli Bar Choc Chip

Carbs  18.8 grams


Chicken Schnitzel, mash potato, beans and carrots with gravy

Carbs 57 grams


Low fat tub of yogurt

Carbs 18 grams

So the total carbs I was having was about 194 grams a day and this was a good day for me.

NO wonder I could not lose any weight and I was walking or going to the gym.

The most frustrating thing about dieting was I could not stop the feeling of wanting to eat until I switched to XLR8 once the cravings stopped I got control back and I have never looked back.

Now for the bad day:  (and this is true I would have this without even thinking)

Toast for breakfast  - carbs 26.4 grams

Chicken and Salad roll - carbs 42 grams

Fish & Chips - Battered Flake, 2 dim sims, potato cake & chips - carbs over 100 grams

Chicken Chips 175 gram packet - carbs  97 grams

So this day would see me over 265 grams for the day and I sure there was some chocolate and lollies added in as well, so probably well over 300 grams a day.

Also I don't drink coffee but I would drink tea with 2 sugars a couple of times a day and so I can add another 7 grams per cup.......

I did not drink water at all but drank gallons of diet coke which has no carbs so there is some good news..NOT

How different my life is now that I am on XLR8 have less than 20 grams of carbs every day.

Do yourself a favour and get on board with XLR8 - it has completely changed my life and it can change your life too....  Get control back and XLR8 your life.

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