How to become more confident in the kitchen

If you are anything like me cooking has always scared me, as I think I will mess up and it will taste terrible. I really have no idea what flavours and food go together.  So, I have always tried to cook the same meals all the time as I know I can cook them.

Doing XLR8 has made me look at cooking differently.  It is so important when doing XLR8 to try and make meals from scratch this way you know exactly the number of carbs in your meals.  I don't like to cook mainly due to lacking confidence in the kitchen and to experiment with flavours.  I try and follow a recipe but sometimes wonder what went wrong.

With XLR8 it has changed me slightly as I must use less ingredients in most recipes and this has helped me tremendously.

The more I made my meals from scratch the more confident I became and I started talking to people that seem to have the 'cooking' down to a fine art.  They would always say what is the worst that can happen - you start again.

Tips to Gain Confidence in the Kitchen

Get organised

Make sure you have all the ingredients and appliances needed to cook.  Organise your fridge and cupboard to ensure you have everything you need

Write a list of food you will need from the supermarket

Read the recipe and understand what needs to be done, if unsure google it

Taste as you go

Start with simple meals and as you get better try harder recipes

Ask friends for help, especially the ones that look like they should have their own cooking book

Make one day a week your 'cook' day if your busy and freeze your meals

Take a cooking class

Get proper measuring tools for cups and spoons

Share your recipes with other riders

Give yourself a timeframe to cook, it is hard to cook when you feel rushed

Google information on what foods and flavours work together

Make YouTube your friend - it offers step by step visuals

Check out MYXLR8 app as we have over 200 Recipes for you to try that are low carb.


Good luck and make sure you let us know your successes in the kitchen we love how much our riders share their recipes and how their lives are changing with XLR8.