How to travel with XLR8

Whether you are travelling for a day, a week or a month you don't have to undo all your great work. You just have to make a few changes.  Travelling can upset your routine, time zones can effect your day and how you feel and there is always such a range of high carb foods to tempt you when travel.

Planning your trip

Whether you are travelling by car, plane, train or boat planning ahead is the key.  

Here are some tips to help you on the way:

  • check ahead of time what food is available
  • can you take low carb snacks with you
  • make sure you have water with you
  • what time will you be travelling, will you be able to take your XLR8
  • be aware of jet lag and allow yourself to rest and recharge
  • make sure you eat before boarding a plane
  • request a meal change with your airline at booking
  • protein bars are great to have in your bag
  • take your XLR8 travel pack with you
  • if your only option is McDonalds, order the burger but ask it without the bun and skip the fries
  • try the local food but just avoid the carbs
  • use your MY XLR8 app to know exactly what you are having
  • most resturants are very accomodating simply ask them to leave off the fries, no potatoes and add extra salad.
  • If you order room service just ask them to leave the toast off, no fries etc
  • ask the hotel to remove the mini bar and all sweet foods from your room. (they will do this if you ask at booking)
  • go to the local supermarket and have low carb options in your hotel room at all times.

XLR8 TRavel Pack

Look for options that are always low carb - you can just about eat anywhere now and stay on XLR8.

The great thing about travelling is you are generally very active and busy so you will find yourself walking more than you probably would this just helps with your journey.

XLR8 is about a lifestyle change so don't use this time as a time to revert back to your old ways.  Think about what changes can I make travelling and it is so rewarding to come back from your holidays and not having put weight on and actually lost weight. Also to know that you had the control to not "go off track" and you were able to maintain your new life style regardless of where you are.

Get out and enjoy life, try new things and remember this is a time to enjoy yourself so enjoy your holiday and make sure you still smash your kilos.