My Ride - Week 5

Week 5!!!!   

What an emotional, anxious, exciting and amazing week I've had. My weight loss is still going great guns!! I have incorporated some walk/jogs in. I feel the products and my ride have all kicked in. I'm really enjoying what I eat and find that I'm very rarely hungry at lunch time. The size 18 jeans are no where near as tight. I put a large tshirt on that fits 😱 and it's the one I'm wearing in my pics!!
The most amazing part of my week would have to be the interview I went to with Rae for channel 7. Even though I felt anxious and was worried what people would think, I was able to turn it around to a positive thought about how many more people I could reach out to and inspire.


I am feeling so much better about myself and find all aspects of my life happier than they've been in a very long time. I'm so looking forward to getting into the size 16 jeans I've got and that helps drive me every day. To think how far I've come in only 5 weeks is staggering. My frame of mind has changed like I never thought it could and it's all because I'm an XLR8 rider and have the support of so many wonderful XLR8ters by my side. I did the ketone strip test and whoop whoop I'm in fat burning mode.
Keep XLR8ing lovely people and change your life forever