Well week 4 for me has just ended and it's been a week of ups and downs. I was sick on and off for about 3 days with a migraine and usually when coming down from a migraine I would munch on everything and anything unhealthy. This is usually due to the medication I take for them and the feeling that I'm lacking in something. I usually don't know what to eat so I go for a heaps of different things including macca's, KFC, ice cream, potato chips, chocolate, lollies just to name a few...BUT being on the ride I didn't want to undo all the great work I've done so I stuck to all foods I can eat, although on the last day of migraine I ate more than I should have, but like I said kept to good, healthy foods...I also had my dark, mint chocolate and some double D lollies which made me feel like I was having what my body told me I needed.
Yesterday I went through KFC drive through as my family wanted some nuggets....I got...NOTHING and I was so proud of myself!!! I would have usually gotten a large boxed meal. I want to let everyone know how HARD it was to NOT get anything. This isn't always an easy ride but I kept telling myself how well I've done so far and I deserve better. I also went onto KFC nutrition guide(while waiting) to have a look at what things were carb wise, saying to myself just 1 piece of chicken...NO THANKS!!!! I would have to have no tea for 1 bit of chicken....looking at the nutrition guide helped me with the temptation, but boy it smelt amazing.
My bubba had her 6 month needles and was a bit unwell from them for 2 days so I was tired all weekend and started feeling a bit down. Again times I would have binge eaten anything unhealthy I could find. Instead I had one of my homemade ice creams that consist of unsweetened almond milk, few frozen berries and XLR8 protein shake, felt like I was having an ice cream. Had some more double D lollies(don't want too many or you'll be sitting on the loo)
It's becoming clear the more I'm on this ride that it's about CHOOSING the right things, even in hard/down times. I'm still struggling with myself at times thinking I should be loosing more or feeling/looking better BUT I go and try on clothes that are too small and have been for years and notice how much closer I am to wearing them than last time I tried them on. My size 20 leggings are even looser than last week and I'm just about fitting into some size 20 tops...THATS CRAZY!!!!
Remember I started at a size 24 only 4 weeks ago!!!!
The measurements I've taken didn't save on the app so I'm not sure what I've lost there but hopefully Friday when I do them again it works...keeping on track and riding like I've never ridden before!!!

Taken my weekly pics today but instead of wearing the clothes that are 'TOO BIG' I have worn a size 18 pair of skinny jeans and a size 20 skinny fitting top that I haven't been able to wear in years!!!!
This is what it's all about!!!
My determination and choosing not to go off track with my food and carbs, even in my weakest moments, is paying off and I'm the happiest I've been in a long time...again I can't stop looking at the pics and the differences, my thighs, bum oh god it's endless.

Keep XLR8ing people 💖




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