Off the Roller Coaster of Dieting

You hear me make reference to the roller coaster of dieting all the time and how I am on a mission to get everyone off this roller coaster and give them all the information you need to know that this can be done...I am walking proof.

What does roller coaster of dieting mean?

For 25 years I have tried every diet there is to try and lose weight.  I would lose the weight and as soon as I returned to my 'normal' way of eating the weight would return and usually in most cases much more.  Leaving me feeling devasted.

The cycle continued on and on and the point that this just became my way of life.

I would see some new weight loss 'miracle' on the TV or in a magazine and I would rush out and buy it, in the hope that this would see me lose weight again.

I was so motivated to make this one, the one that would finally see me lose the weight. After a few days I would realise that restricting myself to some ridiculous calorie intake or working out at the gym for hours at a time was not sustainable and before I knew it I was craving food and just could not fight the urge to eat.  The diet was out the window and I went back to thinking about dieting all the time and what new thing I could do to lose weight.

Maybe it was due to being told don't eat this, weigh this, only eat this, I just could not make it happen for me and I thought maybe I was just destined to be fat forever.

I think one of the best I ever did was about four hours on a 'detox diet' - four hours WOW what a failure I thought.

What was the roller coaster doing to me?

The biggest issue was I thought I was a complete failure and I just couldn't stick to it.  I could not understand how I could be so good in so many areas of my life but had no control of my weight and eating.  So after I would fail again and again I was left feeling like I was a complete failure and everything I ever thought of myself was true. Unlovable failure that was going to be fat.

The weight loss companies did not help either they would make me feel like it was me, I was the one that couldn't stick to this, as so many people had lost weight.  What was wrong with you!  So it was my fault not the unrealistic expectation they were expecting me to do and follow.

So after 25 years of doing this to myself, that everytime I started a new diet I would know deep down I was destined to fail, so I was prepared and in the end it just became easier to not do it.

UNTIL....that dreaded day when I seen that behind photo.  I cried so much that day, not only for the photo but because I knew I simply could not diet again.

I knew I had to get off this roller coaster it was soul destroying and consuming my whole life every minute of every waking hour I was thinking about losing weight.

Are you sick of being on the roller coaster?

Firstly, let me tell you, you are not a failure you have simply done what I did for 25 years, the want to change is always there, but we did the best we could with the information we had.

This is what everyone has done, start a new diet and hope this would be the one...friends had lost weight so it must have worked for them maybe just maybe it can work for me.  Only to discover that most people never kept the weight off, or they followed some cracy fitness regime.

For me I was sick of looking in the mirror and wanting to change but not knowing how to do it.

You have to make the decision that you want to get off the dieting roller coaster and never ever diet again.

What did I do

YES, I would have loved a quick fix 'miracle' pill but lets be realistic it took years to put this weight on no miracle pill was going to make it happen.

I knew this was going to be long process as much as I wanted to be 75 kilos in 3 months, when you need to lose 50 - 60 kilos this was never going to happen in 3 months.  My mind was set that this was going to take a long time.  I would love to tell you I lost 55 kilos in 3 months, that is not the case, it was a good 12 months of reprogramming my mind and getting my body to do what it is suppose to do. BURN FAT, BLOCK CRAVINGS AND BUILD MUSCLE.

I changed my mindset to I will never diet again AND I will get off this roller coaster and I knew this is a lifestyle change, the new more giving in to the 'latest' marketing trick on TV or in a magazine.

I changed from being motivated to being determined that this vicious dieting cycle would end and it did end that day. I love I will never go on another diet again the most powerful thought process you can have.  I will never ever be a failure again!

When we created XLR8 I knew this was going to be my life forever, not for 12 weeks not for 12 months but forever.

If I returned to my 'old' ways of eating then I would get what I had always got. 

So I ask you today 

Are you ready to finally get off the roller coaster of dieting?  

Are you determined that you will never diet again?

If you answered YES then you must get on the XLR8 RIDE, if you follow it correctly you will finally be free and your life will never be the same again.

Any questions please email me or send me shout out on facebook.  

Rae xx