The best nuts when doing XLR8


Nuts a good choice for a snack when doing XLR8 because most nuts are low in carbs, compared to other high carb snacks plus they are loaded with good fibre, healthy fats, vitamins and minerals.

When doing XLR8 you want to make sure you stay under 20 grams of carbs per day so you will need to limit your intake of nuts as the carbs can add up quick.

Here is a guide to the amount of carbs in nuts

For every 100 grams about 3 handfuls

Macadamia Nuts - 5 grams

Pecan Nuts - 4 grams

Hazelnuts - 7 grams

Almonds - 10 grams

Cashews - 27 grams

Walnuts - 7 grams

Pine Nuts - 9 grams

Brazil Nuts - 4 grams

Pistachio Nuts - 18 grams

Peanut - 7 grams

You can see how quick the carbs can add up.

You can easily work nuts into your XLR8 program by simply adding a small amount to your salad or even add them to your stir fry or vegetables.

When snacking on nuts make sure you only take out what you need and not the whole bag as it is easy to eat too many nuts.  If you find that you are eating to many nuts (and this is generally me) try a different snack like a protein bar or celery with peanut butter, even an egg and avoid nuts altogether.

Aldi sells small boxes of Almonds one box has 1.8 grams of carbs per 30 grams

These are a great idea as you can limit the amount of carbs per box, great to take to work and use for snacks throughout the day.