The easiest way to count carbs with XLR8

It is easy to work out your carbs for the day – and most importantly ensure we stay at 20 grams. MYXLR8 has a built-in database of almost every food, so it’s easy to work out exactly what carbs in each food

Why Track Your Carbs?

You might be asking me, “What’s the point of using MYXLR8?” Well, there are numerous reasons to, including:

  • As you increasingly read nutrition labels and begin to understand them, you’ll realise that serving sizes are tiny. Manufacturers do that on purpose to get their carb counts low, and to get more people to buy. 
    Make sure you always read the serving size!!!!
  • Easy way to track your carbs each day
  • Be accountable for the carbs you have
  • Makes you think about all the 'sneaky' carbs in food
  • Let's you reflect on the day

Use MYXLR8 every day.  

Use MYXLR8 to check carbs and work out the number of carbs in every meal

Read every label

Make sure you read all labels and understand the serving size and also per 100 grams

Check the carbs in every it

Eating In

At the start try eating in as much as possible, as the best place to practice your carb-counting skills is in the privacy of your home. This way you can feel comfortable learning the numbers, compiling your favourite foods

Learn to estimate 

The better you train your eyes to estimate portions, the more precise you'll be. Keep your eyes honest by double-checking your portions.

Use scales, measuring cups and spoons

If you need to make sure you use the right measuring tools to get an accurate amount of the right foods.

Watch product sizes

Take a few minutes on occasion to weigh pieces of the produce you buy and write down the weight on a piece of paper or in your food journal. When at home, look up their carb counts based on the weight. Make an effort to choose similar sizes when you shop.

Make a list and leave it on the fridge

Make a list of your favourite foods you like to eat and the number of carbs in them.  E.g. egg 0.6 grams.  This way you will learn quickly the carbs in them and have a good reference when calculating your carbs.

Print out the list of carbs in Vegetables

Have this as an easy reference

Collect recipes

Use MYXLR8 or google low carb recipes, always share them with the other riders.

Eating Out

Check with the restaurant before arriving what is on their menu, will they cater for some small changes for you.

Hidden Carbs

Watch for hidden carbs especially in sauces. ONE tablespoon of tomato sauce has 5 grams of carbs

Use your hands as guide

With your hands, you've got a set of measuring tools by your side as a guide only

  • loose fist = 1 cup
  • palm of hand =85 grams
  • two fingers lengthwise = 30 grams
  • tip of thumb to first knuckle = 1 teaspoon
  • tip of thumb to second knuckle = 1 tablespoon