Losing weight is not about your ability to motivate yourself but it is having the determination to do it and never ever get back on the roller coaster of dieting.


"the act of deciding definitely and firmly"


"having reached a decision :  firmly resolved, is determined not to let it happen again"


to give (someone) a reason for doing something

to be a reason for (something)

See the difference in the definitions of these words.  ACT, DECIDING vs REASON.

It takes more than motivation to lose weight as the motivation will wear off.  The reasons for why you wanted to lose weight will be forgotten.  Temptations will sneak in and before you know it you start telling yourself "I just don't have the motivation to do it".  You can justify why you are not motivation at the moment.

We have all heard it so many times "I am so motivated this time to lose weight" or "I am motivated to go the gym three times a week"

What happens when we wake up one day and don't feel the motivation to eat a calorie restricted diet, or we don't feel motivated to go the gym.  Motivation goes out the window and before we know it we are back on this roller coaster again.

When you become determined your mindset changes and you see things differently.  You change your position in your head to "I am determined I will get off this roller coaster". You start to look at ways you can change, as your determination is what is driving you to do the things you do everyday.

Three things to do every day to change from motivated to determination.  



You need to think this everyday.  You need to start thinking and saying to yourself:

I am so determined to lose this weight nothing will stand in my way.  

I am determined that I will get off this roller coaster forever

I am determined to follow XLR8 everyday

I am determined to keep my carbs at 20 grams a day

I am determined that I will not let my negative thoughts get in the way.

The list goes on, but you get the idea.


Now that you have set your mindset to determination and nothing will stand in your way, you need to act that way.

Every day you need to start living your life as though you have already got to your destination.  This is now your life and you need to act that way.  

You have to work at it everyday and stay determined and know everything you are doing is getting you closer to the getting off the roller coaster of dieting.


Once you change your thinking and you start acting determined, you then have to enjoy the ride, this is how your life changes when your determination to do something becomes your way of life.

This is not a "diet" this is a lifestyle and when you start enjoying the moments along the way your determination becomes part of everything you do.

Enjoy the moments when you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror, enjoy knowing your clothes a feeling looser, enjoy the kilos falling off, enjoy the food that you are now eating and enjoy the compliments you are getting from people.

So many times we focus on "Once I get to this weight then this will happen........" From now on your determination will drive everything you do.

When people ask you "How did you do it "  Tell them I was so determined this time to get off the roller coaster that nothing was going to stand in my way and show them exactly how determined you are.

Results speak louder than anything else and everyone will see the positive changes you are making.