Week Six - Rider Jody

Well week 6 has ended and I'm still in awe of my pics.



We have had an emotional weekend and usually this would be an excuse for me to eat like crazy and everything unhealthy but in 6 weeks my way of thinking has changed dramatically. I steered clear of junk food that was brought to my place by others like potato chips, slices and biscuits to name a few. YES it was hard but the way I'm feeling about my progress far out ways anything else.


If I hadn't been on this ride and doing some other weight loss program I would have given in/up by now. The amazing support that is given from other riders and my amazing 'CAPTAIN RAE' keeps me motivated and on track. My frame of mind has changed to being happier with myself, proud of myself and being able to look into the future at a skinnier, healthier life.

XLR8 you are and have changed my life💖



Time to get off the roller coaster of dieting?

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