Well that is a wrap for 2017

19 weeks ago I was told that I was no longer needed at MEBANK as a mobile home loan manager.  I had been in the finance industry for over 23 years, I had a company car, I worked from home and as well as being a single mum, I knew that every fortnight, I would be paid no matter what.

19th July 2017, that all changed when I was made redundant. It was the greatest day of my life and also the scariest as that regular pay cheque would disappear.

We had been growing XLR8 slowly in the background whilst I was maintaining a full time job, but I knew an opportunity like this would not present itself too many times in my life; I knew I had to grab it.  

Shannon and I had a conversation and I had a question which was "Do I go and get a part-time job and continue to build XLR8 or do I jump straight in?"

She knew what I wanted to do but we had to make sure financially we could Shannon reassured me by stating "Rae I believe in you and I know what mission you are on, lets do it."

So I said to myself, "SINK OR SWIM GIRL", and I started to swim the very next day.  No rest, no holiday, no time off, just straight into XLR8.  There was no way I was going to fail. I said goodbye to my banking career and poured everything into XLR8.

So, what has happened in the last 19 weeks? Here are some figures to look at:

18192 kilometres traveled

55 Pop Up Stores

41 Tolls

30 Nights away from home

85 selfies I took one at every pop up (a couple had more than one!)

1 Parking ticket - $79.00 thanks Epping!

Not to mention the thousands of people that have seen XLR8, stopped and talked to us, found out about XLR8, took a flyer or simply parked XLR8 in their brain until they are ready to step off the platform and come on this ride with us.

The greatest number is the hundreds of new XLR8 RIDERS that have come on board and I owe all this to you guys!

Since we have been growing so significantly in the last 19 weeks,  I have decided to move to Queensland to be near our factory and I will leave XLR8 Victoria in the amazing hands of our team of distributors.

To my children Zach & Madi, thank you for giving me the time and freedom to grow XLR8.

To all my XLR8 RIDERS, I cannot thank you enough for your support and love as you help me on my mission to get everyone off the roller coaster of dieting.  I thank you for trusting me to help change your lives and for believing in this amazing ride of XLR8.

To 2018, watch out, we are coming for you and we are coming FAST.  To everyone in Queensland, I am so excited to bring you this amazing ride and cannot wait to look back in November 2018 on what we achieved.  OH and Victoria, I will be back in January 2018 at Epping so you can't get rid of me.

Love you all,