What a day! XLR8 Filming with Channel 7

It is amazing how different my life is now, when I look back to where I was 18 months ago. When I first started this ride I always dreamt that I would get my message out there to help people get off the roller coaster of dieting.
It takes so much time and hard work but the rewards are amazing and to be given this fantastic opportunity as I did yesterday is absolutely the best thing I have done.
Before getting into the car and making the journey to Melbourne I was looking in the mirror and those horrible negative thoughts started to enter my mind:
"What if they look at me and say she is still fat, what is she doing here"
In the past, they would have played over and over in my head but now I can change the negative to a positive very quickly.
So, I changed it from "What if they look at me and say she is still fat... to what an amazing opportunity I have been given to get my message out there to get people off the roller coaster of dieting"
I am aware that there will always be negative thoughts for me I just need to be aware of how easy I can change these thoughts to positive ones.
We arrived and I wasn't feeling too nervous more unsure of what we would be doing, having already done some media and the videos I do has helped me overcome what I look and sound like as I know clearly what I sound like, how I speak and what I look like so this made it so much easier than all the thoughts of if I will look ok, will I sound stupid.
We met with Dean Felton the Channel 7 reporter and Grant the camera man. What amazing people they were and made us feel so comfortable and asked so many questions.
His comments to me "You’re a natural in front of the camera" made me feel so awesome.
So, we did my interview and then Jody did hers and for someone that has never done this, it was amazing to see how natural she was and comfortable to speak about her ride.
It was important to show the world, the education XLR8 provides to our riders and Channel 7 really wanted to showcase this so we went into Coles. We did so much filming walking into the store, walking around the aisles by the end we were experts.
We also did a quick interview of what 55 Kilos looks like as potatoes, this was a bit overwhelming to see the trolley full that I could barely push as it was so heavy.
I know all the hard work is paying off now and it is the greatest feeling to be able speak so passionately about XLR8 and how it has changed my life.

I must acknowledge Jody Mortison who allowed us to share her ride with the world. It was a big ask and Jody was amazing to speak so honest about her roller coaster of dieting and how XLR8 is changing her life. Big thanks and hugs to an amazing person.
The filming day was fantastic and I loved every minute of it. I know exactly what I want to do and that is speak to as many people as possible about XLR8.
It was a great opportunity to talk about our amazing ride we are on and share it with the world.
If it helps one person get off the roller coaster of dieting, then it was worth the day to do the filming.
I will let you know what day it will be on and I cannot wait and believe me it will all be positive thoughts from me and not how will people see and judge me but what an awesome opportunity to reach out to the world and help so many people feel the way I feel.