When you know you are finally in control

You know you are in control of your weight loss ride when the temptation to eat disappears.

Thanks to XLR8 and the amazing products we have makes this journey so much easier.

So how do you know you are in control

1. You don't think about food

2. Your not craving food

3. Your celebrating your wins

4. Your not putting yourself down

5. You are taking complients

6. You attend a party and are not tempted to eat the high carb food

7. You take a moment to be proud of yourself

8. You have stopped making excuses

9. You are telling everyone about XLR8 and how amazing it is

10. You are feeling energised

11. You notice your doing things you haven't done for awhile or before

12. Your starting to become more active

13. Your pantry and fridge are stocked with low carb foods

14. Your planning and preparing for the week ahead

15. Your not letting the scales dictate how you feel

16. Your not looking for a quick fix but a lifestyle change

and finally  

You know now this is your LIFE and way forward forever