XLR8 on the road

If you spend a large time on the road (eg truck driver) and you are spending many nights away from home, lack any cooking appliances staying on XLR8 and eating low carb can appear to be hard.

Most truckie stops are full of fried greasy food, but if you look closer there is so much low carb food you can have you just must make a couple of changes.

The quickest and easiest foods that are the most convenient and cheapest options for truck drivers are unfortunately the least healthiest foods anyone can eat.

These foods are packed with carbohydrates, when these come from sugar, white flour and other ingredients that are nutritionally lacking, cause your insulin levels to spike. You get a rush of energy followed by a crashing feeling that makes you want to pull over and take a nap.  Complex carbs from vegetables are also an important form of energy. 

Now as for protein this is the longest lasting form of energy. When you eat protein rich foods these take longer to digest, which means you feel fuller longer. You aren’t going to want to indulge in simple carbs, like candy bars or cupcakes, because you won’t be hungry. 

So, when eating we want to look for protein foods with vegetables and salads.  What can you eat when on the road.

Have a breakfast of bacon and eggs and have your XLR8 ONE BURN Protein Shake for lunch instead

  • Meat and fish including canned pink salmon, grilled or pan-seared catfish, ground turkey, roast beef, and buffalo, as well as meat jerky
  • Fruits that are low carb include strawberries, raspberries and blueberries, as well as avocado
  • Low carb vegetables that you can snack on, get at a salad bar or order steamed include asparagus, capsicums, broccoli, spinach, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms and cauliflower
  • Dairy that is low carb includes butter and cured cheese like Gruyere or Brie, string Mozzarella cheese, plain Greek yogurt, cream cheese, 
  • To drink choose beverages without sugar, such as green tea, unsweetened tea, almond milk, sparkling water, tomato juice and herbal teas, diet drinks
  • Take XLR8 every day
  • Drink plenty of water and don't forget XLR8 THREE

Some ideas

Sandwich without the roll or bread

Burger without the roll

Roast meat

Salad Bowl

Sausage Roll without the pastry

Meat pie without the pastry

Quiche without the pastry

Any Meats

Egg and Bacon


Grilled fish

Remove the batter from the fish

Remove the batter from the battered sav

Order a salad with each and ask fries to be left off.

Soup - just watch soup with foods that are grown underground

Make a soup for your first day

Take cans of tuna, chicken,

Cheese & Kabana

Beef Jerky

Make low carb biscuits 

For snacks pack some protein bars (many places sell them now just check carbs and calories)

Pack small containers of almonds

Packets of pork crackle

If you eat at Maccas all burgers are made without the bun if you ask and they have great salad bowls