How does the XLR8 Program work?

XLR8 is a convenient, flexible, weight loss program that can help you lose weight and keep it off for good.  It is like nothing you have ever done before.  Our unique three products target the three areas of weight loss.  


There's no calorie-counting, no points system and no gimmicks. It's just a complete new way of living and to help you get off the roller coaster of dieting forever.



XLR8 is so simple

You simply take your three XLR8 Products each day to burn fat, block cravings and build muscle.

  • XLR8 ONE BURN Protein Shake.  Replace one meal a day
  • XLR8 TWO BLOCK.  Take one tablet before two meals to block cravings
  • XLR8 THREE BUILD.  Mix with water and drink once a day 


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Get off the roller coaster

XLR8 is all about getting your off the roller coaster of dieting, with the combination of our unique XLR8 products and following a low carb diet you will finally be free and can start living instead of dieting.

Learn all the secrets to XLR8 from Founder Rae Graham who has lost over 55 kilos following our amazing ride.  Having riden the dieting roller coaster for over 25 years, Rae had enough of dieting and was sick of feeling like a complete failure with her weight that she developed the amazing XLR8 program to help everyone finally get off the roller coaster of dieting.  Come on the most amazing ride of your life with Rae and she will guide you through every step of the way as she has done it!

Cut your Carbs

We have been told that eating fat will make you fat. It is actually when you eat fat AND too many carbohydrates that can make you fat. When you eat carbohydrates, they are converted into glucose by your body. The pancreas then secretes insulin (or it may need to be injected) to reduce the blood glucose levels. Insulin is our fat STORING hormone and fat burning is switched off. If we restrict the amount of carbohydrates in our diet, we will require less insulin, and therefore store less fat and able to burn fat.  This is when our body switches from glucose burning to fat burning.

By taking our XLR8 Weight Loss products and following our XLR8 Eating Plan, you are sustained throughout the day. You don’t get the sugar spikes and then sugar crashes, you don’t need the sugar to stimulate you in the afternoon slump, your whole unprocessed food intake skyrockets, your blood lipid profile improves, blood pressure drops, thinking will be clearer for the entire day, your gut will improve the ability to absorb nutrients, and migraines will reduce...

You will feel less bloated, more energised, sleep better and you will begin to lose weight.



Android & Apple App available your weight loss buddy!

Lose weight with XLR8 HEALTH, the fastest and easiest-to-use weight loss buddy. With a large food database to check the carbs in all foods, over 500 Low Carb recipes and amazing meal plans to help you get off the roller coaster of dieting. 


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